About us


The initiator of this site is Mr. Dimitris Kyriakides who is a member of the ACM organizing committee, and an hononary citizen of the city of Marathon Greece and the city of Hopkinton US.

Dimitri is the son of STYLIANOS KYRIAKIDES one of the best marathon runners in the world in the 30’s and 40’s, winner of Boston marathon in 1946, a European record and best time in the world taht year. With his victory in the 50th anniversary of the most famous marathon in the world, Stylianos Kyriakides spoke to the Americans about  the grave situation that Greece and the Greeks were in at the end of the Nazi occupation and the start of the civil war. Presidend Truman and the Americans responded and arranged to send to Greece the “KYRIAKIDES AID PACKAGE” consisting of 25000 tons of grain, tinned food, medicine, clothing, tents, blankets and other useful assistance, including USD 250,000 in cash and live bulls and cows.

In 2004 NBC TV channel made a 22 minute documentary about SK for the ATHENS OLYMPICS that won the EMMY AWARD as the best sports documentary of the year.DISNEY PRODUCTIONS are currently developing a movie for SK (or google “1821 PICTURERS” films under development)

The legacy and ideals of his father – honesty, integrity, hard work and co operation,  have always guided Dimitri in his personal and professional life.