An Athens marathon runner trip [day 1]


A  Athens marathon runner trip 【day 1】

It's 15 hours flight time from china to Greece, it is pretty frustrating, I find out a little discovery: If you want to go to toilet badly must be solved before the plane lands.

Greece maps are very difficult to read, Greece's road is very difficult to understand, before without be in Greece, I thought had Greece + English street signs, Actually, road is all Greece and only a digital number, talking about this aspect in china is better! I worried about my poor English, when I spoke English in foreign country, they would not understand, but today I find out, I can.

After check in hotel, it's 16:00pm, I feel a little hungry, so I decide to go to Syntagma Square to have a dinner, there I see Athens marathon advertisement, solider guard on the Syntagma Square, taste Greek Salad( for Guangdong people, I cannot taste a bit sour inside, almost lost my teeth). Greek metro is different as China, no gates to check the ticket, only little time will check the ticket by police, so I think it's easy to steal a ride, but all the people buy the tickets.


I finished one idea, wear school clothes to look like live in school, one black people said: that foreigner is so fashion, wear school clothes and flip flops, no one know me well, otherwise they will ask me who I am.

Roommates are from Egypt, a little tired, go to sleep, good night.

2014年11月4日 希腊雅典