An Athens marathon runner trip [day 2]


An Athens marathon runner trip [day 2]

Suddenly I find out sleep jet lag, awake time when in Rome, I wake up at six o'clock in Athens, I think back to Shanghai after not tried to sleep until 12 o'clock noon.

I go out this morning and find out that the next street is a vegetable market, the feeling like I was in Tibet before: look where the folk custom is strong, in different vegetables market? All the people here is so polite, "kalimera"(good morning), I see many things here without in china, suddenly I learn more, this moment if I have a Greek translator will be better.

According to the arrangements of the trip, today I go to see the fabled Poseidon – Poseidon ...... Temple, unbelievable I visit this place on a radius of about two football fields. On the day of its history had never been built, destroyed in Persian hands twice, but ...... Maybe tell us what history tends to favor the broken way: time is not favoring anything, all physical will eventually disappear, only the deeply imbedded in the bone that the invisible eternal.

The first truly I see the waters so crystal clear, clean enough to touch the heart, all the views, and finally to understand Manager Bin said "when you arrive there, you will want to stay there, don't want to leave"
Finally, I show self-timer pictures, shoe sole: I shine; Rotten eggs: I shine; Tomato: I again shine

good night

November 6 2014 Athens