An Athens marathon runner trip [day 3 part one]


An Athens marathon runner trip [day]

Part one

Today I am walking in the streets of Athens, at first glance, I see many graffiti walls, after I ask Baidu, understand most of the meaning is about politics, some is artistic creation, only sometimes I feel that the actions damaged the ancient architecture.  otherwise, this could not happen in china, so that time I have an idea," Li Kongxiang travels here" on the wall, but I don't do .

All the time, when I arrive a new country, I will visit the local history museum, there are more than 20 museums in Athens, the National Archaeological Museum is the largest collection Museum, Even if you are not Greece, you do not understand Greece's history, but civilization cross ravines, the biggest feeling for me: it does not matter they are far, the original civilization is all the same, why history is similar at first? Only later the Oriental culture develop the pen (draw), and West towards the knives (engraved) ... ... Figure VI, I don't know if anyone know of "Peugeot" the logo and think out what?

I don't like do strategy, I like to go and solve difficulty on the spot, this time I feel a little hungry, on the way I see one church, the moon just come out, this is a very nice photo about religion, so exciting in my heart, one good sentence crosses my mind: I searched for her hundreds and thousands times in the crowd, suddenly I turned, she stood in the gloomy light. so beautiful a alley, I am busy taking photos and forget hungry. I choose one shop to take some food at last, all of them taste for me at first time. if you ask me what it is, I only can tell "this".

November 6 2014 Athens