An Athens marathon runner trip [day 3 part two]


Part two

After some days rest, Today it's time to get Marathon running equipment, meanwhile, I visit the Marathon EXPO.

Staff are passionate at the EXPO, there are many beautiful girls, when you want to take photos ,they will help you ,pose you, you can have a good time there. One small accident, when I get running T-shirt ,size M is too big for me , so thin I am, change to Size S. Athens marathon Race is different with races in china, here you can taste and participate in all kinds of games,  the atmosphere is lively.

I meet my friend from china Taibei, she talks too many about her and her teacher: the first full marathon, she will run in Athens, she never runs more than 30 Kilometers before, but she will run this time, she is so strong, when she express "mei guanxi" is very funny, pronunciation is very funny.

This is my race No. 12162, also have name on it, I will keep it after race, wonderful content will continue. Tonight I cannot sleep, only count sheep to go to sleep.

Novmber 6 2014 Athens