An Athens marathon runner trip [day 4]


An Athens marathon runner trip [day 4]

Today the weather is sunshine, sky is blue, afternoon I walk in ancient market, the ground coves plane trees leaves, I am fascinating in this beautiful autumn scenery at the moment.

Now I am in Athens, so I must visit Athens Acropolis, Acropolis Museum. Athens Acropolis all over the damaged rock, give a feeling of sadness, and now in the state of repair, all kinds of artifacts are keeping in Acropolis Museum. Acropolis Museum interprets the history of the Acropolis from a certain sense exists, since some mode restores the archaeological city as they really are. For example, emboss on the Parthenon Temple east gate, legend of Athena birth from Zeus head, look at each present god's faces, all of them are different, stunned, frightened, jealous etc. The line of reductive carving on the top of temple door is beautiful, which depend on symmetry. The six caryatids of Erechtheum Temple, five are in the Acropolis Museum, one is in the British Museum. Why I know so much, because I follow one tourist guide secretly, all this information get from her, I find out my English is not so bad, can understand more and more.

when I stand on the top of the Athens Acropolis, can see all the Athens View, look up the blue sky, a feeling of holy, many scenery spot around acropolis, such as Areopagus, Ancient market ect., go around all the Acropolis, I feel a little tired, I am a marathon runner, if you are normal people, maybe you will feel more tired.

Today I want to take dinner early, "this" more, I eat all the meat first, at last I waste bread and fried chips, I feel a sense of guilt. Beer in Greece taste well, I like it. When I arrive hotel, start to write the postcards, the room have two new roommates, one is Chinese studying in France, another is German, all of them are running for Athens Marathon, we have the same topic, talk very happy together.

Novmber 7 2014 Athens