Dimitri Kyriakides spent 4 days(1st-5th July) in the first WORLD SUMMIT on OLYMPISM 4 HUMANITY, where we discussed how we can implement the OLYMPIC IDEALS to improve conditions at our local and other communities around  the  world, using the KYRIAKIDES legacy as one of the examples of what can be achieved.


Attending the WORLD SUMMIT were professors from the universities of YALE, HARVARD, MIT, GEORGE TOWN, ILLINOI, LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANSISCO, SOUTH AFRICA, IRAN, ZAMBIA, BRAZIL, ENGLAND, SWITCHERLAND, GERMANY, SOUTH AFRICA, GREECE and CYPRUS experts in psychology, conflict resolution, fund raising, youth problems, peace building, sports etc, etc etc

This is a movement that we want to spread around the world, engaging people from all the continents to join us and work on their local communities.

Our next meeting will be in DOHA in September and of course next year in Greece.

If you have any questions please contact me, or Dr Alexis Lyras.