Some deeply touched stories...


We are deeply touched by some stories on the course of Athens Marathon

There are many moving stories that happen on Marathon course, this time we describe a personal experience of a couple.


I am greatly touched by Greece Athens Marathon trip, look at the old man in Picture, he is 85 years old, but He runs very fast, he tells us that this is his tenth marathon race.

One old woman runs with her husband picture, he pass way last year, does she run Athens Marathon to finish his will? How many moving stories happened on their life? When I think about that I am moved with tears.

This time, I am running very slowly, but I'm very proud of it! I help my lover who finished her first dream of full marathon! I accompany her! Encourage her, hold her, she couldn't walk, I carry her!

I don't know why we have so strong power that time, you know, she never runs more than 21 kilometers before, she never thinks that she can run full marathon, but she successes, even though process is very hard, we conquer it.

When we cross the finish line, we are shouting, crying, I think every people who pass the line is king, should be respected.


We start to run at nine o'clock in the morning, going through a painful 7.5 hours of tireless running, complete the 42.198 km full marathon at 4:30pm! This is the first marathon in my life, in the birthplace of Marathon, beautiful culture of ancient Greece, and we success! I am very proud of it! Thanks to my Dear lover, you help me complete our first running together marathon! Meanwhile thanks to dear myself!

You know what? In Greece I am the highest people on the course, because when I can't run, my husband carry me on his shoulders, like children riding on Daddy's shoulders, moving, happiness  beyond words ......thank you, my lover….

2014年11月9日 希腊雅典